An authentic
absinthe hideout

This atmospheric absinthe bar is inspired by, and named after, the divine Sarah Bernhardt (1844-1923). Queen of the French tragedy. The Sarah B. will no doubt be a favourite meeting place for business or pleasure.

Sarah B. Menu

Sarah B. – Absinthe Bar

360 Saint-Antoine Street West
Montréal, Québec, Canada
H2Y 3X4

We are open daily from 4PM to 12AM


Oysters Madness

Find our oysters at a nice price at Osco! restaurant and Sarah B. bar.

6x Oysters for $9
12x Oysters for $16

Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Partake in the

absinthe ritual

Pure absinthe is first poured into a specific type of glass, on top of which a special absinthe spoon is placed. A sugar cube is placed on the spoon, and iced water is slowly dripped over it. The absinthe is diluted in three to five parts water.


The way in which absinthe is prepared plays a key role in the way its tastes, allowing the herbal aromas to be released and to intensify with respect to the other a

Sarah Bernhardt was a great French actress born in Paris in 1844 to a dutch courtesan and a French magistrate. She captivated audience from a young age with her impulsive and passionate nature. In 1859, Sarah entered the Conservatory for a three-year residency, during which she received numerous awards.

Despite difficult beginnings, she was hired by L’Odéon where her fame took off. Constantly traveling, her time was divided between performances in her home of Paris and tours around the world. Sarah Bernhardt’s first visit to Canada was in 1880 to Montréal, where she was warmly received by the public, despite the Catholic church’s disapproval of her scandalous reputation.

In 1914, she received the Legion of Honour for her triumphant career and contributions to French dramatic arts. She died on March 26, 1923, at the age of 78 years.

L’Entre Deux

Perfectly located between Osco! Restaurant and Sarah B. bar, l’Entre-deux is a space conducive to conviviality and pleasure. With its luxurious velvet banquettes, beautiful Murano glass chandeliers and views of the Riopelle Park, this space is perfect for a birthday party with friends or a 5-7 with colleagues. L’Entre-deux can be privatized to accommodate up to 35 guests.

To reserve l’Entre-Deux, please call us at 514-847-8729 or contact us by email

L'Entre Deux

L’Entre-deux is a space conducive to conviviality and pleasure.

Green Fairy Lounges

In good company, let yourself be surprised by a mysterious, warm and intimate universe… Comfortable benches and velvet curtains create an intoxicating and intimate atmosphere dedicated to exchange, relaxation and … the ritual of absinthe.

To book the Green Fairy Lounges, please call us at 514-847-8729
or contact us by email

Green Fairy Lounges

In the company of your guests, let a mysterious, warm and intimate universe surprise you…